Advice for Pet Owners on Camping Safety

Is there anything better than sitting by a campfire with your animal friend curled up next to you while you gaze up at the starry night sky? No, in our opinion. Camping with your pet is a wonderful opportunity to experience exciting adventures with them, but you must ensure their safety. To protect your pet’s safety when camping, go by our team’s advice.

#1: Before going camping with your pet, test the tent

If this is your pet’s first camping trip, take them on a practice run in your backyard to help them get used to the tent. To help your pet become used to the smell, texture, and sounds of your tent, set up your tent and allow your pet sniff, lick, and explore it. Reward your pet for being brave and venturing outside the tent rather than forcing them inside.

#2: Ensure your pet is visible

When there is no electricity, it is difficult to see at night, especially if your pet has dark fur. Use a reflective collar or harness at night, or get your furry friend an LED collar, to make sure they can be seen easily.

Use fluorescent colors to make your pet extremely noticeable when trekking during the day. If your animal friend gets lost, a bright orange vest or collar can help you locate them.

#3: Study up on pet first aid

Your dog might trip over a hill while camping, come into contact with a thorn, or come across a nest of stinging insects. You must be skilled in pet first aid if you’re in a remote area of the wilderness in order to stabilize your pet’s condition before you take it to the closest emergency veterinary hospital for treatment.

#4: Schedule a veterinary visit

Before pitching a tent at your campsite, ensure your pet is ready for a wilderness experience. Vaccinations against leptospirosis—a disease transmitted via wildlife urine—and Lyme disease—a tick-borne illness—may be recommended in addition to your pet’s core vaccines. Protection against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes is also necessary, so stock up on parasite prevention before heading out.

Our team is here for you whether your pet requires immediate care after becoming entangled in prickly brush or needs current immunizations and parasite prevention before your outdoor activity. Call us to arrange an BOOK APPOINTMENT.